Container trucks and drivers access at the Terminal des Flandres

---------------------------- PLEASE TAKE A LOOK AT THE VIDEO "projet gate OCR" BELOW for NEW PROCEDURE IN PROCESS ----------------------------- Welcome to the Terminal des Flandres located between Gravelines and Loon Plage. Directly from the A16 motorway, the drivers go to the terminal from motorway’s exit to the site access point of the site, here is how you will smoothly proceed for the loading or the unloading of your truck at the container terminal at the port of Dunkirk.

From The A16 Motorway to the Terminal in video

By watching this video you will see  how you will get there from the exit of the A16 motorway to the Terminal des Flandres site.

Access of container trucks and drivers to the Terminal des Flandres. See on Vimeo.

Gate OCR project. See on Vimeo.

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Your Route from the Motorway's exit to the Container Unloading Point

  •  Coming from Dunkirk, Lille or Calais, Exit 53 "Saint Omer - Loon Plage"
    • Direction "Port 4000 to 7000 - Car Ferry"
    • First roundabout, direction "Port 4200 to 6200 - Car Ferry"
    • At the next roundabout, direction "Port 5200 to 6200"
    • At the next roundabout, direction "Port 5800 to 6100"
    Mandatory stop at the Transit Area (Port 5804), at 150 meters to the right direction "Port 5801 to 5804"
    • Stop at the car park of the area for checks
    • With your access authorisation, go to the "Porte 4"
    • At the exit of the car park on the left then direction "port 5900 à 6100"
    Presentation of transport documents and your access to "Porte 4" (Port 5901)
    • First right towards the Gate of the Terminal des Flandres (port 5905)
    Wait your turn on the parking lot
    • When it's your turn, go to the access point  and get out of  the truck for processing
    • Staff will inform  you of the unloading location of the container.
    • Locate the area on the large H plan that you will see in the last few meters of the journey.
    Follow the instructions of the stacker until the container is removed
    • You can then go back to the Gate to retrieve the documents and rejoin the motorways
    • The whole of the Terminal des Flandres’ team would like to thank you for your visit and wish you Safe Travel.

    Inside the area, respect the safety instructions !

    In the Terminal des Flandres, the traffic is strictly regulated. Follow the instructions! Once the gate has been passed, the trucks must not leave the H traffic path which is  reserved for them. On site you will follow the highway code, the speed is limited to 20 km / h, but you will often drive "at walking pace". Priority is given to handling equipment which is in operation. And remember: you cannot get out of your vehicle on site.

Plan de circulation dans la ZAR de Terminal des Flandres

Safety is everyone's business

On the entire site, please observe the safety instructions! During a visit to the Dunkirk container port site, the safety of people accessing the facilities requires compliance with a number of essential safety instructions.
To read : Safety > Sur l'ensemble du site respectons les consignes de sécurité