Terminal Access for Non-Containerized Trucks

For deliveries of non-containerized goods to the CFS loading area, trucks must report to the port 5889 guard post .

In order to unload or load non-containerized goods, the carrier must be in possession of an AP + document given by the Antenne Communautaire du Grand Port Maritime de Dunkerque.  With this document, the carrier shall report to the Port 5889 address. Once there and registered at the guard post of the Terminal des  Flandres  he can then access the loading area which is located in the vicinity.

Marchandise hors conteneursEntry Procedure for Truck

1 - Stop at the Antenne Communautaire of Union Maritime for administrative formalities: presentation of CI5 references and documents specific to the goods and provides an AMQ (Dockside Notice).
2 - Carrier arrives at gateway of the  terminal - Port 5889.
3 - After entering the terminal, the driver proceeds directly to the loading services, respecting internal sign posting.
4 - The carrier reports to the foreman of the loading service and provides his / her AMQ.
5 - The goods are  loaded / unloaded thanks to the AMQ.