Intermodal Maritime Shipping / Railway

The Terminal des Flandres is directly connected from the ship to the railcar to the railway network via a route that connects the facilities directly to Paris. Two night rotations are scheduled per week, from the port facilities to Bonneuil in the Paris region and then to Marseille.

multimodal route: railway

The Terminal des Flandres offers a rail shuttle between Dunkirk and Paris directly from the container site via direct transhipment from the vessel to the railcar.

The Greenmodal service

  • With 2 rotations per week, the service offers a capacity of 110 TEU per trip.
  • From Dunkirk on Tuesdays and Fridays - Closing 15:00h.
  • From Paris on Mondays and Wednesdays - Closing 15:00h. Arrival in Dunkirk on Tuesdays and Thursdays as soon as of 6:00h.
  • The train is in transit at night "in hidden time".
  • Depending on the transport volume, additional rotations can be set up on request.

An intermodal Maritime / Railway delivery service that integrates an economical and environmentally friendly transport system into the Terminal des Flandres ‘global offer.

The Dunkirk - Bonneuil line:

Rail service: Dunkirk> Bonneuil Sur Marne (South East of Paris)> Dunkirk

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Located in the heart of industrial Europe the central geographical positionning of the port and the Terminal des Flandres offers our customers undeniable strategic advantages: reduced import and export delivery times,vast array of transport methods available and finally quick and efficient delivery to the final consumer.