Inland Waterway Services: directly from the ship to the barge!

This combined transport and delivery service connects the sea to the Deûle Canal directly to the Hauts de France’s waterway network. The direct transhipment from ship to barge makes the intermodality fast and efficient.

Inland Waterway Service. See on Vimeo.

This combined Maritime / Inland Waterway Service directly connects the berthed ship  and the barge. The direct transhipment of  containers  from one to the other optimizes the inter-modality in terms of speed and efficiency. Imagine: the possibility of a delivery from Shanghai to Lille  in 32 days.

With a direct inland waterway route from the port infrastructure of the Terminal des Flandres site, the Deûle canal and the Hauts de France offer a direct open network  route to the port of Lille, Dourges and Valenciennes. A network which is connected with the Scheldt, the wide berth canal, and with the future  North Europe Seine canal.

The services are operated by Nord Ports Shuttle (NPS) and Contargo (CCES) with bi-weekly connections.

The Procedure Fluvio Maritime (PFM) provides NPS with clearance of the goods at final destination, in Lille or Dourges, for example, rather than at the arrival of the ship ashore which reinforces the fluidity of this choice of inter -modality.

Located in the heart of industrial Europe the central geographical positionning of the port and the Terminal des Flandres offers our customers undeniable strategic advantages: reduced import and export delivery times,vast array of transport methods available and finally quick and efficient delivery to the final consumer.