On the entire site, please observe the safety instructions!

When visiting the site of the Dunkirk container port, the safety of people accessing the facility requires compliance with a certain number of essential safety instructions ...

On the entire site, please observe the safety instructions!

Under the "Safety, Security and Environment" protocol set up by the Terminal des Flandres (Read Société > Politique) , safety instructions have to be observed when accessing the site and all the facilities.

The company must supply equipment that complies with existing regulations which are adapted to the nature of operations and in good working condition. For chassis containers, these must be fitted at the four corners with the locks adapted to the corners, at ISO standards, for containers. The carrier must ensure that the equipment is capable of transporting the goods on the public highway. It is strictly forbidden to get out of the vehicle in the terminal, so the twist locks must be locked / unlocked outside the terminal.

Compulsory Instructions for Arrival at the Terminal

Before arrival at the Terminal

  • GPMD / ISPS card: mandatory, individual and non-exchangeable OR Antenne document.
  • Systematic PPE (personal protection equipment: safety shoes and fluorescent vest).
  • Unlocking the twist locks before entering the terminal

At the GATE Terminal entrance

  • Stop the vehicle at the stop sign to present the documents to terminal staff
  • Observe the entry / exit directions of the site
  • Follow the instructions given by the terminal staff (gate)
  • Have a valid safety protocol (valid 3 years)

Driving Instructions on Site

  • The speed is limited of 20 km / h. However you will drive at walking pace in low visibility areas.
  • Drivers are prohibited from leaving the “H” traffic, drivers leaving this zone are likely to receive a formal warning from the Terminal des Flandres.
  • Drivers are not allowed to leave their vehicles (twist locks must be locked / unlocked outside the terminal before entering or after the exit from the gates)
  • U-turns must be made in the speficied H zones
  • Compliance with the highway code and priority given to handling equipment (including within the traffic "H" area)
  • Outside the H area for trucks, driving is only permitted on the safety road
  • Parking and driving under gantries is prohibited
  • No pedestrians on the terminal
  • The use of mobile phones is strictly forbidden when driving vehicles

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Les consigne de sécurité sur le site Terminal des Flandres

Security, Safety and Environnement (SSE) plan is a strong commitment from the staff and the management of Terminal des Flandres. In its daily working life, the company is committed to consolidating its imbedded desire to improve safety and the environment by developing its management system in compliance with the ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards.