1600 meters of deep water berthing and 70 hectares dedicated to port logistics

With an annual capacity of 850,000 TEUS, 1,600 meters of quay length, and 70 hectares of facilities in the port of Dunkirk, the Terminal des Flandres has state-of-the-art equipment for receiving ships and handling containers and cargo on board and off board.

Terminal facilities and Characteristics in Dunkirk

The facilities and characteristics of the terminal 

Total surface area: 70 ha
Annual capacity: 850,000 TEU
700 reefer holds
1 container stuffing/unstuffing warehouse of 6650m².
Rail terminal installation (ITE), 4 rail tracks of 750m each

Quai de Flandre

Useful length of 1600m with a water height between 13.30m and 17.50m
Permissible draught of 12.50m to 16.50m
Capacity to receive container ships of 23,000 TEU and more

plan quai

Handling equipment 

- 8 gantry cranes


- Various lifting beams up to 80 T capacity
- TOS used : OSCAR (TGI)
- 22 Reach stackers with a capacity of 45T.
- 2 Empty handlers with a capacity of 9T
- 4 Forklifts with a respective capacity of : 2.5 T , 4T , 12 T , 16T
- 25 port tractors 4*2
- 1 port tractor 4*4
- 42 port trailers including :
- 8 RORO 40 feet trailers with integrated gooseneck, capacity : 50 to 60T
- 1 RORO 50 feet trailer with integrated gooseneck, width 4m, capacity : 100T
- 25 Cornerless 45 feet trailers, capacity : 65T
- 5 Cornerless trailers 45 feet, capacity: 61T
- 1 Cornerless trailer 40 feet, capacity: 61T

Terminal des Flandres is the container operator of the port of Dunkirk. The site covers 70 hectares of facilities dedicated to the land/sea connection. The site's infrastructure offers deep-water reception conditions and with 1,600 meters of quay, Terminal des Flandres can receive container ships with a draught of up to 16.50 meters. The quays can simultaneously accommodate two Super Post Panamax container ships.